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Three Specific Storage Functions

Are you looking for usa visa for your business? We can rent it to you, simply visit our website. A warehouse is a special facility that is cannot be changed, which is designed to achieve the target level of service at the lowest total cost. The warehouse is basically a building that physically has certain criteria for storage of goods, which included a warehousing process in the form of storage and material handling. The warehouse has a function. Below the following function of it:

– Storage Function
Is the most basic function of the warehouse is a storage, Objective of Warehouse management is how to use the space (space) as optimal as possible to keep the product at a certain cost.

– Functions Serving Customer Demand
Meet the demand of the customer make the transportation or warehouse as the focus of logistics activities. Warehouse role in providing services to ensure product availability and order cycle is reasonable. By storing stock in a certain amount, will help serve customer demand fluctuates.

– Distribution Functions and Consolidation
Goods that have been saved in order to get into the hands of customers to go through the process of distribution. Namely arranging and ensure that goods are delivered, really get into the hands of the customers. That is, the customer receives the corresponding order items with no less, with no one to take, etc. To ensure that all, the warehouse needs to consolidate. That is, there will be a process of making goods, checking and packing. Consolidation is either very instrumental so that the distribution of subscription absolutely perfect.

Warehouse management / storage management is one of the weapons which can compete and is able to change the paradigm from mere logistics activities that spent huge funds into one source of Competitive Advantage. Competitive advantage is what will be a valuable asset.